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Date Created:2005-06-14
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With a level of inexperience that rivals a village of non-married Mormons, Silly is a firm believer in the claim that life begins at 60. She collects tea sets, goes bonkers over "Lovejoy" and has a poster of the Queen (Bess, not the band) on her wall. Dream holiday destination: Turville, Bucks, the village where Vicar of Dibley was filmed.
Strengths: an endless supply of pills for any and all minor ailments you might ever be struck down with; knowledge of the offside rule; arm strenght of approx. ten fully loaded shopping bags from homeware departments;
Weaknesses: any and all minor ailments you might ever be struck down with; addiction to coffee; intolerance towards people who only have the coffee and not the cake; expensive taste; whingery; can be reduced to a bawling wreck by a Jane Austen movie; road rage
Special Skills: fluent in Small Furry Animalese and Annoying Auntese, understands Mute Customerese; Sadistic Checkout Person Mindgames; parks like you wouldn't believe; foreign accents, can be used for espionage;
Weapons: Crying "I feel threatened!"; a wallet album of photos of nieces; a car; chunky combat boots;
Pet Peeves: Men in cars; Men in cars that are more expensive than hers; Motorhomes and Caravans; Women's clothes; Fish

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